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We understand that there's plenty of career paths you find equally appealing, regardless of whether you're a high school student or about to finish your PhD.

That's why we allow you to join multiple industry clusters and interest groups and give you the chance to explore them all simultaneously.

Whether you are torn between taking that job with a blue chip and trying to turn that idea of yours into a businesss, starting in corporate vs civil law, or can't decide between Investment Banking and Management Consulting, we have the information and the people who can help you make those choices.

To start with, our forums are a lively and informal channel of getting advice from people in various stages of their career, from fellow students through fresh graduates to senior industry figures. Due to the cooperative and open nature of our forums, you're likely to benefit from having a broad range of opinions and experiences to draw upon.

The same principles then apply across the entire platform - whether you're looking at articles, blogs, videos, library or the Q&A section, there will always be plenty of highly relevant information which can help you make the right choice.

Reading articles in careers magazines can be confusing or, even worse, misleading. Equally, sometimes you just want to talk to someone more experienced than your friends.

But how do you reach out to people in the industry?

We do the hard work for you. By bringing together people from across the world and across different businesses, we allow you to leverage their experience.

We've built Nicube to be an open platform facilitating exchange of information, knowledge, opinions and experience. That's why every single one of our functions provides immediate feedback options, be it rating, comments or both.

In our Q&A section, we have taken the idea even further, and produce a list of top experts for different areas. All of these functions allow you to find the right people to get in touch with; our networking functionality and internal messaging system do the rest.

How do you get an edge over other applicants? How do you make yourself stand apart? It really isn't as difficult as others will tell you. Just know more.

Do you have the keen intellectual curiosity recruiters often talk about? We give you plenty of interesting, relevant, up-to-date material to read.

When we say that Nicube is a community-driven knowledge-base, we mean it. The information we provide falls roughly into two categories. Internally, our community generates information through discussion boards, Q&A section, blogs, articles, comments etc.

We also provide aggregated links to external sources of information. What sets us apart is that we do so via an efficient, user-friendly interface and in a categorized, rated format. This includes information such as relevant recruiting and market-focus videos, links to academic papers and industry profiles, latest news or a directory of useful services.

Our knowledge base is built on contributions from the Nicube community. Having often submitted the links in the first place, our members then review, rate and comment on them, creating a unique overview of industry resources.

Would you like to meet other people like you and exchange views, opinions, share resources and build lasting relationships?

Nicube provides the ideal platform for meeting other similarly-minded individuals with shared passions and interests.

Excited about an industry, a career path, a product, a market? Whether you are set on becoming an accountant, lawyer, investment banker, consultant or trader, your career will be built on personal relationships and connections.

In today's inter-linked world, the power of your network is a critical component of success in any industry. Starting to build that network when once you start graduate training may not be enough.

Start earlier, get ahead of the competition and build mutually beneficial, on-going and successful partnerships with others in the same position as you. We provide the opportunities to meet them, contact them and stay in touch.

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